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We offer children from preschool to senior citizens sensible approaches to harmony with guided training of body and spirit. We are a place where people find themselves. Additional to the karate courses offered over many years, we have a Taiji Qi Gong course.

Kids Karate

In groups children learn to be respectful and ready to assist each other as they progress. They can exercise their natural flexibility. They learn to release and control their energy and set it toward goals both inside and outside of the dojo. Karate is a great way to improve concentration which plays a positive role in school productivity.

Karate for Adults

The hectic pace, the routines, fill our days are filled with stress. Karate offers the ways to strengthen body and spirit, to meet daily challenges and to stay fit. In the forefront is respect for adversity as well as one’s own health and ongoing development.

Adults of all ages practice the Japanese martial art karate together, adapting it to their own ability and practicing at their own rhythm. We offer a friendly and helpful atmosphere at the Karate Center Rapperswil and ideal conditions to maintain your health, to sharpen your mind and to broaden your personal horizons.

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S7 Train station Kempraten
Bus No 885 and No 994 stop in front of the building
There is free Parking in the front parking lot

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